About Us

Vision Statement

 Scouller Energy’s vision is to ensure all Australians have reliable and consistent access to electricity.  This includes private citizens, business owners and large corporations living or operating in urban, regional and remote areas.  A constant supply of energy in remote and fringe-of-grid areas will support the economic development of many Australian regions.  As Scouller Energy is located in the Gulf region of north Queensland the company’s solar projects begin there.

 Key Capabilities

 Scouller Energy has expertise in:

·         Site Assessment:

o    Site assessment, acquisition and development

·         Technology:

o    Renewable Energy technology assessment and acquisition

·         Power Network:

o    Power network connection feasibility, negotiation and development

·         Negotiation:

o    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiation

 Scouller Energy’s distributed renewable energy power station model is suited to fringe-of-grid locations and aims to improve the quality of energy supply for regional communities and to reduce high transmission losses. The model has been successfully applied in other parts of the world and Scouller Energy aims to develop a portfolio of solar farms in fringe of grid locations throughout North West Queensland.

 Company Structure

 Scouller Energy Pty Ltd is a proprietary company limited by shares, registered under the Corporations Act 2001 on 23 September 1994.  The company shareholders are Doug Scouller, Perren Holdings Pty Ltd and N&C Solar Pty Ltd.

 The company is part of the Outback Solar Power Corp group which includes several key partners involved in further developing renewable energy power in the Gulf Savannah region.  Scouller Energy is developing the solar farm (Normanton Solar Farm Pty Ltd) and is partnering with Solar Futures Australia who will manage the Knowledge Sharing Centre for the Farm.